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R and M - Mill Valley

Eric - Thank you so much for the great work on making it happen. It was a miracle that required sweat and almost tears! Certainly, it would not have been possible without your expert guidance, smarts, and patience. We are extremely fortunate to have worked with you.

Hiro and Motoko - San Francisco

We are writing to convey our thanks to Eric for the fantastic job he did in staging, marketing and selling our condominium in the Marina District, San Francisco. Eric possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent realtor and has a tremendous “grasp” of the market.   He is diligent, responsive, professional, personable, and trustworthy. Eric clearly takes pride in doing a good job. 

We were already living in New York so the sale of our home was handled remotely.  We could not have managed all the details that needed attention in selling and closing on our home in San Francisco without Eric’s experienced vision and professional support.  He provided all the staging suggestions, which proved to be invaluable. Amazingly, our home was staged and closed within 3 weeks! Everything was handled so quickly, smoothly and professionally, and our apartment never looked better than when it was showing for sale.

Continued good luck and success to you, Eric. I am more than happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a dedicated experienced real estate agent.

Kathy - San Francisco

Eric Altree is absolutely the best! Upon our first meeting, his personal demeanor immediately put me at ease. From the moment he walked me through the process of selling my home, from the staging to the actual sale, everything happened exactly the way he said it would. Eric is professional, most knowledgeable and is a man of integrity. Additionally, Jane Park, Eric’s assistant, was a sheer pleasure to work with as well. Together, they make an excellent team to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. I highly recommend Eric to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. Thank you for everything Eric, I am so grateful that we worked together!

Colleen - San Francisco

Dear Eric,

Thank you so much!!  You made the process so effortless for me and it is much appreciated. As always, you will be my contact if we should decide to acquire or sell property in the SF area.

Patrick and Raquel - Mill Valley

It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Eric Altree.  We have bought and sold a number of houses in our lifetime but have never experienced the level of service and professionalism exemplified by Eric.

Eric helped us come up with a plan for the sale of our home in Marin County and executed it perfectly according to the script.  It was clear from Eric’s initial insight about pre-listing, renovations, staging, marketing materials, websites, and pricing strategy that he had an intuitive grasp of the real estate market in the SF Bay Area.  All of our expectations were exceeded, however, when we saw buyers lining up and when the house ended up closing for an amount that exceeded our target selling price.  The sale went exactly as predicted by Eric and exactly as we had hoped.

This sounds like a perfect ending to a flawless process but the most amazing thing about it is that we were not even physically present during the sale.  We live in Europe and we needed someone who was willing to handle extensive renovations to the property, staging, selling, bidding wars, and buyer negotiations in our absence. In the end, not only was Eric able to do this for us but he never even suggested we take a trip back to California.  He handled everything from start to finish!  We discussed each step over skype and then waited for email updates as Eric and his assistants did all the heavy lifting.  Talk about one-stop shopping and turn-key solutions!

We feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction when we look back on the sale of our home.  As with most sellers we were concerned going in.  Would house be showcased properly? Would it be played up to its true value?  In the end, with Eric’s creative touches, our house was put in the best light possible and visitors fell in love with it.  Here is what the buyer had to say about the 3D virtual tour that Eric put together for the website he designed for the house:
“BTW- the 3d virtual tour you did on the listing was the most amazing one I have ever seen.  I had friends ask me if you buying the house from someone who worked at Pixar.”

We highly recommend Eric Altree.  And for the record, he does not work at Pixar!

Greg - San Francisco

Dear Eric,

I cannot thank you enough for the best experience possible selling my home. The entire process exceeded my expectations. From the moment we first connected, through when to list, how much to list for, facilitating staging, broker showings, our one and only open house, setting an offer acceptance date, taking me through each offer and then closing fast with no glitches, I could not have asked for more. Your personal time, attention and guidance made it a no brainer for me to put my trust in your experience. I told you if I broke a bone I'd want to find the best doctor to heal me, so when I wanted to sell my home, I needed to best real estate professional and that was you.

I am so grateful.

Carri, Trustee of Private Family Trust - San Francisco

Eric was a trusted partner in the sale of our family trust’s home in the Marina.  For nearly 11 months leading up to the sale of the house, he advised me with the utmost patience, professionalism, and grace, on everything from how to solve a tenant situation to how best to prepare the house for sale.  When he didn’t have the expertise to help me, he referred me to great resources who did.

As trustee, I was beholden to a number of beneficiaries, and Eric appreciated the special requirements and sometimes delicate nature of my role.  He advocated for what he believed to be the right course of action but was understanding and supportive when I needed to make a different decision.

When something wasn’t going as I had planned, Eric always seemed to appear at the perfect moment to provide the encouragement and reassurance I needed.  I was always grateful for his unwavering calmness and clarity.

Thanks to Eric’s pricing strategy and robust marketing plan for the house, we received multiple competitive bids, and the final outcome exceeded our admittedly high expectations. 

Eric is an outstanding real estate broker.  I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.

Jill and Hugh - Corte Madera

Eric's blend of market knowledge, responsiveness and guidance through the search and home buying process is exactly what you want and need in a true real estate professional. Once we found the right home and our offer was accepted, Eric's value was in full display as he recommended and arranged all the specialists we needed to complete our due diligence and remove all contingencies in a very short time frame. Eric is a client-focused agent and a solid negotiator and has earned our repeat business because he gets the job done quickly, professionally and always with integrity.

Eric and Jessica - San Francisco

San Francisco is an expensive place to purchase your first home, especially in this environment of multiple bids well over the asking price.  Eric patiently worked with us until we found a great condo in the heart of the city that we believed we could afford.  When we went to make an offer, he was extremely strategic in working with the seller’s agent.  We ended up buying a home we love, at a price far below what we were expecting to pay.   It truly pays to work with a professional like Eric who understands how to make a strong offer and how to cordially negotiate with sellers.  We recommend him to any first-time homebuyer.

Andy and Molly - Mill Valley

A place down the street from us was rumored to be coming on the market.  This was in early 2013 when things were just starting to heat up and there were multiple bids on houses all around town.  I called Eric to help.  Within three days, the owner had accepted our offer just before opening up the process to bids.

Eric's guidance and professionalism created a win-win for both sides and saved everyone time and potential headaches.  He knows his stuff as well as anyone out there and he's a pleasure to work with.

Ana and Casey - San Francisco

Thanks Eric! We couldn't be more excited about this new place! I know I'd mentioned this when we ratified the offer, but we know that there's no way we would have gotten the place without you. Your advice and instincts, coupled with your professionalism and the deft with which you handled yourself were instrumental in not only helping us secure the place, but also in feeling good about what could have been a very stressful and unsavory process.

Siri and Bernard - Sausalito

Thank you so much for your part in making this all work so smoothly. We certainly couldn't have done it without you.

Troy and Mary - San Francisco

Eric is well-known and well-respected and that is the kind of agent you want representing you. We strongly recommend Eric Altree to anyone who may be considering selling or buying a home in San Francisco.

Mark and Sarah - Mill Valley

We used Eric Altree to purchase our first home here in Mill Valley.  Eric was a fantastic resource in helping us understand the marketplace, the "real" value of the house we were interested in purchasing and all the different steps, especially the paperwork, of purchasing a home.

Eric's legal background was a great help in walking us through all the paperwork and explaining everything to us in "layman's" terms.  This alone made the purchase of our house very easy and not as stressful as we were told it would be.  Eric also had a great respect for our time and didn't "push" us into anything that didn't fit our needs.

More importantly, Eric is a great person to be around and he exceeded our expectations when looking and finally purchasing a home.  We highly recommend, and have already, using Eric when either selling or purchasing a home.

Sobia and Nadir - San Francisco

We strongly recommend Eric Altree to anyone who may be considering selling or buying a home in San Francisco.  Eric has advised us on the purchase and and sale of homes in San Francisco, and we relied upon his superior market knowledge & depth of experience to guide us through this challenging (and sometimes emotional) process.

It is important to note that trust was a critical component of our working relationship with Eric - we have always found him to be completely honest and forthright in all his dealings with us.

As a result, we placed our utmost confidence in Eric, and were confident that he would look after our best interests at all times, negotiate vigorously on our behalf and help us navigate the process from start to finish. In doing this successfully, Eric has not only earned our trust but our future business as well.

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